Discontinued Mechanix M2

Mechanix M2 corner



Exclusive Suspended Roller Technology

Distinctive design for a modern and luxurious decor.

Noise-free and friction-free. 

3" stainless steel wheels on suspended arm.

Mechanix M2


Distinctive Design

Exclusive to MAAX, the Mechanix M2 shower door features the ‘’suspended train’’ technology. The glass door hangs from stainless steel hooks linked to a dual ball bearing system combining technological and ergonomic advantages and providing a distinctive design.


Corner glass return panels come in 32-, 34-, and 36-inch lengths.



    Luxury tempered glass

    10mm (3/8’’) tempered glass combined to an ergonomic stainless steel handle, 1’’ diameter and 15’’ long available in two finishes: chrome and satin stainless steel.

    Exclusive Suspended Roller Technology

    Noise-free and friction-free technology Perfectly designed products to suite today’s trends.

    Return Panels for Corner Installation

    Flush mounted hardware for a sleek and distinctive look that suit any décor. Left and right glass panels are available in 32’’, 34’’ and 36’’ wide.