IES Rainmax

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Shower jets that leave you soaring


For those who don't take life lying down, MAAX offers the restorative benefits of massage while you shower.



Developed with the expert advice of massage therapists, the MAAX IES (Integrated Energizing System) stands up to the rigors life deals with an experience that invigorates you for the day or night that lies ahead. Our strategically positioned therapeutic jets target key zones from your neck to your calves, giving soothing caresses or deep penetrating massage where you need it with a professional's touch.

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For that touch of nature indoors, complete your MAAX IES system with Rainmax. Replicating the calming feel and sound of a tropical rain, Rainmax cascades you from above with relaxing, rhythmic drops. It's a feeling you only be able to describe as heaven-sent (available exclusively within the MAAX IES ¾).