1. Limitation of Liability - Shower Door Installers Program

MAAX Trained Shower Door Installers

1.1 To the fullest extent authorized by law, MAAX does not assume any liability regarding the authorized third party installers of MAAX’s products. MAAX takes reasonable steps to train such authorized third party installers, but the actions, omissions, faults and negligence are beyond MAAX’s control and are the respective authorized third party installer’s sole and exclusive liability. MAAX does not endorse, guarantee or take responsibility for the work of any of the authorized third party service providers or their agents’. Any engagement by you of an authorized third party installer for work will be solely between you and such third party, and in no way is MAAX a party to or responsible under such engagement for any work performed. Each authorized third party installer’s warranties may vary. MAAX is not responsible for warranties off­ered by third party installers, but only its own warranty as the manufacturer of its products. 

1.2 The listing of authorized third party installers is provided for your convenience only, and inclusion of the third party installer in this list does not constitute a recommendation by MAAX. Each third party installer is an independent business concern, and you should conduct any research or investigation you believe appropriate before contracting with one or more of such third party installers.