A New Digital Era for American Bath Group


A New Digital Era for American Bath Group

Savannah, Tennessee, USA, September 27th 2018---American Bath Group is proud to be featured by Sitecore, along with Sid Lee, in a case study on its global digital platform project. American Bath Group and Sid Lee will also present this case study at the 2018 Sitecore Symposium, October 8-11th in Orlando, Florida.

In April 2017, American Bath Group committed to a complete overhaul of its brands’ websites. There were many factors behind this decision, including; the need to modernize to a responsive design, establishing a connection between its ERP and web platform to facilitate direct data transfers (enhancing internal efficiencies), updating infrastructure to boost cross-brand information sharing, as well as UX (user experience) improvements to help empower its customers.

Beyond this ambitious scope, one of the key objectives for American Bath Group was to centralize its various brand websites onto one platform. This would allow ABG to consolidate digital resources, ease data and content sharing across brands, and facilitate the creation multiple websites using a template-style solution. Sitecore became the logical option, as it is recognized as the leader in the CMS space and the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) offers both the desired flexibility and centralized control required, not to mention a vast arsenal of advanced experience management tools that would continue to drive American Bath Group web innovations for years to come. Together, with Sitecore partner Sid Lee, ABG has created a solution that has propelled itself forward in the online bathware marketplace, thanks to this streamlining strategy, and ingenuity of its partners.

The process to convert all American Bath Group websites onto Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) continues, to date maax.com, akerbymaax.com and bootz.com have completed the move, but already users and content managers of the ABG brand sites have benefitted from this new centralized tool, in terms of backend efficiencies and improved front end UX.

To learn more on the challenges and solutions involved in this case study, you can download the complete paper here.

About American Bath Group
American Bath Group, founded in 1993, is the premier manufacturer of Residential, Commercial, Assisted Living, Senior Care and Premium Showroom bathing products. Proudly American owned and American made. American Bath Group brands include; AKER, Aquarius, Aquatic, Bootz, Clarion, Comfort Designs, Hamilton, MAAX, MAAX Spas and Swan, and employs over 3600 people. www.americanbathgroup.com

About Sid Lee
Sid Lee is a collection of 600+ makers and thinkers using the power of collaboration to create work that matters. As Sitecore’s first North American partner, Sid Lee has deep understanding of Sitecore’s offerings. Sid Lee has achieved international recognition by designing experiences rooted in people’s cultures and everyday lives. www.sidlee.com/en

About Sitecore
Sitecore is the global leader in experience management software that combines content management, commerce, and customer insights. The Sitecore® Experience Cloud™ empowers marketers to deliver personalized content in real time and at scale across every channel—before, during, and after a sale. More than 5,200 brands—including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, Dow Chemical, and L’Oréal—have trusted Sitecore to deliver the personalized interactions that delight audiences, build loyalty, and drive revenue. www.sitecore.com