MAAX Retail series

Axial Duo Tub Shield 42 x 58 in. 8 mm

41″ - 42″ x 58″
Internet SKU: 137512
Model number: 137512-900-084-000

MSRP* USD$ 772.00

Product Information

Key Benefits

  • 8 mm tempered glass with Lotus glass protection
  • Double glass; one fix 24 in. and one pivot 18 in. This gives you a wide access to get in and out while making the corner watertight
  • Easy access to faucets
  • The moving panel can tilt slightly inside the tub to prevent water spill
  • Fixed panel clears most toilets or vanities

Attribute Set

  • Installation type : Tub Door
  • Door Type : Shield
  • Frame Type : Frameless
  • Residential Warranty : 10 Years


  • Lotus Easy Clean Glass Protection
  • Easy Installation
  • Wide Opening

Technical Specifications


Maximum Width
Minimum Width
Glass Thickness
5/16 in.
Packaging Dimension
2.70 ft³
Approximative Weight
48.00 lb

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