MAAX Collection series

Stamina 48-I (1-Piece)

51″ x 35 3/4″ x 85 1/4″
Internet SKU: 101139
Model number: 101139-L-000-001

MSRP* CAD $ 2,870.00

Product Information

Key Benefits

  • Spacious shower with improved ergonomics
  • 1 or 3-piece shower with roof cap
  • Integrated shelves, specify Chrome or Brushed Nickel guard rail
  • 12-in. acrylic grab bar and soap dishes included
  • Customize the shower: specify right or left seat
  • Optional roof halogen light
  • For White shower, grab bar is color-coordinated. For all other shower colors, please specify grab bar color (Chrome Brushed Nickel without extra charge), see accessories.

Attribute Set

  • Above-the-Floor Rough : No
  • Installation type : Alcove
  • Material : Acrylic
  • Number of pieces : One
  • Residential Warranty : 25 Years


  • Made in Canada
  • One-Piece Unit
  • Integrated Shelving

Technical Specifications


Threshold Width
2 3/4”
Maximum Door Height
Maximum Door Width
Exact Height
85 1/4”
Exact Length
Exact Width
35 3/4”
Packaging dimension
89.00 ft³
Approximative Weight
160.00 lb

Options (order with product; most options are factory-installed)

One 12-in. handle with metallic finish
Internet SKU: OPT10109
Metallic finish handle replacing Acrylic handle
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* CAD $ 269.00

Accessories (sold separately; can be ordered after product installation)

PVC shower drain with grid
Internet SKU: 10000041
Shower Drain (sold separately)
PVC quick caulking shower drain, compression type
Specify grid color: Chrome (084) or Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* CAD $ 40.00
ABS shower drain with grid
Internet SKU: 10000043
Shower Drain (sold separately)
2-piece ABS shower drain with Chrome stainless steel grid
MSRP* CAD $ 37.00
Single shower light 120V
Internet SKU: 10033258
Single shower light 120V (sold separately)
MSRP* CAD $ 317.00
ABS shower drain with ABS grid
Internet SKU: 10004349
ABS shower drain with ABS grid (sold separately)
Available color: White (001) and Bone (004)
MSRP* CAD $ 13.00