2-Piece Freestanding Bathtubs

Our NEW 2-piece freestanding bathtubs offer ingenuity on all levels! With over 50 years’ experience, MAAX continues to offer modern freestanding bathtubs to fit your style, taste and budget.

Download this concise, yet complete leaflet showcasing all 4 of our NEW 2-piece freestanding bathtubs.

Why Choose MAAX's 2-Piece Freestanding Bathtubs


MAAX Proud North American Manufacturer

MAAX products are proudly made by a workforce of hundreds of hard-working Canadians and Americans in manufacturing plants across the continent. Our people are the fabric of our operations, and they ensure that “Products Manufactured in North America” represents much more than simple geography.

While most MAAX products are manufactured wholly or predominantly in one of our North American facilities; some SKUs and materials may be sourced globally. 

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