MAAX Professional series


60″ x 31″ x 74″
Internet SKU: 140100
Model number: 140100-L-000-002

Soaker - no system
A soaker bathtub without any massage system.
+ MSRP* CAD $ 0.00
Gentle water jets and pulses to relax and revive your muscles.
+ MSRP* CAD $ 999.00

MSRP* CAD $ 1,264.00

Product Information

Key Benefits

  • 1-piece tub shower without roof cap
  • Integrated shelf

Attribute Set

  • Above-the-Floor Rough : Yes
  • Installation type : Alcove
  • Material : Fibreglass
  • Number of pieces : One
  • Residential Warranty : 5 Years


  • One-Piece Unit
  • Integrated Shelving
  • Compatible Shower Doors

Technical Specifications


Maximum Door Height
Maximum Door Width
Maximum Water Capacity
43.00 G
Minimum water capacity
30.00 G
Bathing Well Width
22 1/2”
Bathing Well Length
Deep Sump Height
13 3/4”
Exact Height
Exact Width
Exact Length
59 7/8”
Packaging dimension
90.00 ft³
Approximative Weight
130.00 lb

Options (order with product; most options are factory-installed)

Internet SKU: OPT10053
One chromatherapy light. (factory-installed)
Access panel not available when bathtub only equipped with chromatherapy.
MSRP* CAD $ 439.00
Water heater assembly
Internet SKU: OPT10095
Water heater assembly for whirlpool and combined systems (factory-installed)
MSRP* CAD $ 577.00
Tub protection liner
Internet SKU: OPT20201
Tub protection liner
MSRP* CAD $ 64.00
Metal trim kit for whirlpool and combined systems
Internet SKU: OPT10106
Metal trim kit for whirlpool and combined systems (factory installed)
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* CAD $ 406.00
Wall reinforcement (one wall)
Internet SKU: OPT20212
Wall reinforcement (one wall) for future grab bar installation 33
OPT20212-R Reinforcement on right wall
OPT20212-L Reinforcement on left wall
OPT20212-B Reinforcement on back wall
MSRP* CAD $ 58.00

Accessories (sold separately; can be ordered after product installation)

Foam cushion
Internet SKU: 10004306
White foam cushion with 2 suction pads (sold separately)
Available color: White (001)
MSRP* CAD $ 75.00
Metal trim kit for Whirlpools and combined systems
Internet SKU: 10006887
Metal trim kit for Whirlpool and combined systems (sold separately)
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* CAD $ 406.00