In-House Retreat

Rather than just being functional cleaning areas, bathrooms can be transformed into spaces of relaxation […]

After an intense work day, busy commute, school pick-up and dinner prep, the idea of enjoying some well-deserved spa time seems like more of a necessity than a luxury reserved only for Sunday afternoons between grocery shopping and laundry. The stress of everyday life, combined with marathon-like schedules makes us want to stay at home more than ever. Thankfully, a full in-house spa experience can be achieved a lot easier than most people think. 

In addition to being functional cleaning areas, bathrooms can also be transformed into spaces of relaxation and well-being. Small changes to existing furniture set-ups can result in big positive changes to your mindset. The prep for this "me time" is simple: declutter your mind by leaving your phone and worries outside the door, and declutter the space itself to create a minimalist Zen vibe. Have your beauty products on-hand, bring a glass of wine or champagne and a snack, and cue up some soothing music. Now that you’re ready, here are some tips to help take the relaxation experience to the next level...


Don’t be color blind

Your bathroom decor can include much more than just plain white walls and beige toilet seats. Making simple changes, like color coordination with soft palettes, can accentuate the feeling of relaxation in your bathroom. Avoid rich and intense colors like reds or yellows in favor of pastel palettes for walls that will instantly give the overall atmosphere a calming effect. Using light-colored fabrics for towels, floor mats and curtains will also add to the soothing atmosphere.

Invest in a quality lighting system

Lighting is critical, and has a major impact on how you feel. The first morning light can fill you with energy, and a candle lit dinner can make even a simple meal seem romantic. If taking a shower is one of your morning rituals, or taking a bath is your last step before going to bed, it is important to have lighting that supports these precious moments. Dimmers are inexpensive and can make a hug difference to the way a room is lit. Changing a light bulb for one with a softer tone can also help to create a soothing experience that you can enjoy while relaxing in the tub. Having a light above the sink that is independent from the room’s lighting system can give you more control over the brightness of the bathroom.

Relieve a headache with a massaging showerhead

Showerheads are another bathroom feature that can make all the difference when moving in to a new location or transforming your bathroom into a 5-star spa. Easily changeable in most shower systems, there are numerous models and prices to choose from. Investing in a higher-quality showerhead can turn a humdrum wash into a wondrous water massage. Choosing an upgraded showerhead is also an immediate bonus for anyone without a tub. You don’t need to soak in water in order to feel soaked in tranquility.



A candle. A plant. A single fish bowl by the sink. A wooden stool… Enhancing the spa-like ambiance with a few small items is key. Choose accessories that help you feel as if you’ve left the house for a warm and quiet destination. Close the door behind you and imagine you’ve entered a rainforest as you walk past tropical plants and a colorful fish on your way to the bathtub filled with hot water just waiting for you to enjoy. Let a scented candle transport you to the Moroccan desert and inhale the aroma of decadent orange blossom soap. Now that you’ve got all the peripheral items, make sure to get your hands on the spa tools that will truly make your experience special: bath brushes, sea sponges and scrubs. Spare no expense when it comes to extra thick towels and bathrobes; these little luxuries will help you to carry the good vibes with you, even after you’ve left your bathroom spa retreat.