Showroom Shopping

Savvy shoppers understand the true value of hiring professionals for more complex projects […]

The full-service solution

While some consumers are driven by the search for the lowest available price, savvy shoppers understand the true value of hiring professionals for more complex projects. 

Bathroom and kitchen renovations may seem like simple projects, but they are generally two of the most demanding and costly rooms to renovate – and a lack of knowledge can end up costing a fortune. Showroom professionals, though seemingly pricey, can help the inexperienced avoid pitfalls and get the exact solution they desire. A closer investigation will highlight the ways in which experienced showroom services can save you many headaches and dollars in the long run for any bathroom renovation.


First off, it is best to understand exactly what a showroom is. Simply put, a showroom is a space where customers can browse a wide selection of bathroom products and interact with bathware and design experts in person. Showroom visitors can examine and test the actual bathware products to get a true sense of what the final product will be like in their homes. Additionally, showroom visitors benefit from personalized and experienced support from showroom associates. Whether a bathware shopper comes in to test out a product they’ve previously researched online, or to continue shopping after a visit to the showroom, physical time spent interacting with actual bathware products is a critical step for many consumers.  

When selecting the products you will be living with for years, you may want to touch the tiles you will be walking on, open and close your new shower doors and actually see the toilet you are considering purchasing in a real bathroom setting. As compared to retail stores, where everything is out of the way or stacked in boxes, in a showroom, you will often get the chance to interact with a working model. This experience can be extremely valuable.


It is true that the showroom prices are higher, but this is only because the pricing reflects a more complete, turnkey service for the customer. Essentially, you are paying for the showroom associates’ expertise. Whether doing a small DIY job, or planning a more extensive renovation, the knowledge offered by showroom associates cannot be underestimated. They can answer any question related to bathroom projects, from basic information about interior design styles, budgeting and product installation requirements, to more detailed queries about water barriers, load, and pressure as well as plumbing requirements or changes. With years of specialized experienced, the showroom associates are also familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of bathware brands and can offer recommendations, customization options and more in order to help you meet your project expectations.

Based on their extensive experience, showroom associates can also anticipate questions you might not think to ask, or they can ensure you get answers to all of the questions you should be asking, such as: Who will be using the new space? Do you have the appropriate permits for renovation? What is the long-term vision for your home? It is at this point that a full-service solution begins to pay for itself, because the showroom associates can help to guide you through the entire bathroom renovation process, provide after-sales support and potential contractor references, as well as manage communication with manufacturers.

Though saving a small amount on the initial product purchase may seem like the right move, completing a bathroom project with professional advice will certainly save you more money and provide you with peace of mind for years to come.

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