The Health Benefits of Chromatherapy

Combining chromatherapy with the bathing experience may deliver benefits that go beyond […]

Color to your Heart’s Content

What could be better than a restorative bath? How about adding your favorite color to it?

We’ve all experienced the therapeutic benefits of a soothing bath. From busy professionals who enjoy a long, hot soak after a stressful day, to professional athletes who use ice baths to help speed muscle recovery and reduce inflammation; the age-old practice of bathing has been lauded for its ability to help restore mental and physical balance. But what some may not know is that combining chromatherapy (also known as color therapy) with the bathing experience may deliver benefits that go beyond those of water alone.


Here’s how it works: Colors are known to radiate light energy through vibrations. Chromatherapy is based on the belief that those vibrations can influence our emotions, moods, and overall well-being in different ways, depending on the color. The practice uses various colors to attempt to positively affect our minds and bodies, reduce stress, and in some cases, even treat ailments.

There are multiple ways to apply the practice of chromatherapy, and the bathing experience is a particularly comforting one. Outfitting your bathroom with a bathtub that has a chromatherapy lighting system can help you to escape into an immersive world of total mind and body relaxation, right in your own home.

The chromatherapy bathtub’s lighting system infuses your bath water with a range of healing hues, spanning from warm (stimulating) to cool (calming). Soak up the full rotating spectrum, or select the one that best matches your state of mind at a given moment. Blue is for relaxation, and white is for purification of the spirit. Aquamarine supports balance, while green calms the mind. Orange enhances creativity, red creates stimulation, and purple promotes tranquility.

So when you’re ready to color your world calm, simply turn off your bathroom lights and open yourself up to the unique and restorative experience of a colorful chromatherapy bath.

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