MAAX Professional series


60″ x 33 1/4″ x 75″
Internet SKU: 141014
Model number: 141014-L-000-001

Soaker - no system
A soaker bathtub without any massage system.
+ MSRP* USD$ 0.00
Bodywrap Whirlpool with micro switch
+ MSRP* USD$ 1,465.00

MSRP* USD$ 1,317.00

Product Information

Key Benefits

  • One-piece acrylic tub-shower
  • Right or left-hand drain
  • Built-in corner shelves with optional shelf rails
  • Optional handle
  • Optional unique feature: Above-the-Floor Rough
  • Textured floor
  • Comes with an access panel when equipped with a whirlpool system
  • 14 1/2" deep sump
  • Bottom bathing well: 49" L x 22 1/4" W

Attribute Set

  • Above-the-Floor Rough : No
  • Installation type : Alcove
  • Material : Acrylic
  • Number of pieces : One
  • Residential Warranty : 25 Years


  • Made in North America
  • One-Piece Unit
  • Integrated Shelving

Technical Specifications


Maximum Door Height
57 7/8”
Maximum Door Width
57 1/2”
Maximum Water Capacity
49.00 G
Minimum Water Capacity
38.00 G
Bathing Well Width
33 1/4”
Bathing Well Length
57 1/2”
Deep Sump Height
15 1/2”
33 1/4”
Packaging Dimension
90.90 ft³
Approximative Weight
136.00 lb

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Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR) for bathtubs
The unique Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR) feature for bathtubs leaves a few inches of clearance between the product’s underside and flooring so pipes can be routed without breaking ground or relocating drain. Perfect for installation on concrete slab in renovation or new construction.

Options (order with product; most options are factory-installed)

Removable access panel for non-jetted model
Internet SKU: OPT10168
Removable access panel for non-jetted model
MSRP* USD$ 90.00
In-line heater
Internet SKU: OPT10172
In-line heater (factory-installed)
MSRP* USD$ 461.00
Pump position opposite standard position
Internet SKU: OPT10174
Pump position opposite standard position 39
MSRP* USD$ 75.00
Shelf Rails
Internet SKU: OPT10167
Shelf Rails
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* USD$ 154.00
12'' Handle
Internet SKU: OPT10169
12'' Handle
Available colors: White (001), Bone (004), Biscuit (007), Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* USD$ 56.00
Trim Kit for Bodywrap Whirlpool System
Internet SKU: OPT20209
Trim Kit for Bodywrap Whirlpool (factory installed)
Available colors: Chrome (084), Nickel (105)
MSRP* USD$ 0.00

Accessories (sold separately; can be ordered after product installation)