Incognito 76 Shaker Sliding Shower Door 56-59 x 76 in. 8 mm

56″ - 59″ x 76″
Internet SKU: 135332
Model number: 135332-972-340-000

MSRP* USD$ 1,068.00

Product Information

Key Benefits

  • Components that connect seamlessly for an effortless assembly
  • Convenient towel bar perfectly integrated in the glass design
  • Slim 2 in. header and thin edges that accentuate the minimalist look
  • Expandable sill that requires no cutting
  • Unique Shaker glass design with silkscreen for easy maintenance
  • Safety features: top and bottom integrated bumper to prevent slamming
  • Easy and intuitive hand adjustment for out-of-plumb walls

Attribute Set

  • Installation type : Alcove
  • Door Type : Bypass
  • Frame Type : Frameless
  • Residential Warranty : 10 Years


  • Detachable Guide
  • Easy Installation
  • Contemporary Design

Technical Specifications


Maximum Width
Minimum Width
Minimum Access
21 7/8”
Maximum Access
25 7/8”
Glass Thickness
3/8 in.
Required Base Depth
2 1/4”
Packaging Dimension
4.89 ft³
Approximative Weight
116.00 lb

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Incognito Installation

The Incognito shower door adds a clean, modern look to any bathroom, and with a slim header and thin edges, it’s easy to achieve a minimalist look. This shower door is simple to install making it an excellent choice for your bathroom renovation project. Watch our installation video for step-by-step instructions.

For tub doors: Please note the installation process is similar to the shower door installation process. The only differences that need to be accounted for are the shorter door height and the difference in the threshold base. Always refer to the installation guide for complete instructions.

Options (order with product; most options are factory-installed)

Accessories (sold separately; can be ordered after product installation)