MAAX Professional series

TOF-3260 AFR

60″ x 33″ x 22″
Internet SKU: 145015
Model number: 145015-L-000-002

Soaker - no system
A soaker bathtub without any massage system.
+ MSRP* USD$ 0.00
MAAX Professional systems offer all the latest upscale features.
+ MSRP* USD$ 854.00

MSRP* USD$ 597.00

Product Information

Key Benefits

  • 3" wrap around backsplash
  • Integrated apron and tiling flange
  • Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR)
  • Textured floor
  • Right or left drain
  • Alcove installation

Attribute Set

  • Above-the-Floor Rough : Yes
  • Installation type : Alcove
  • Material : Fiberglass
  • Residential Warranty : 5 Years


  • Integrated Tiling Flange and Skirt
  • Textured Floor
  • Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR)

Technical Specifications


Deck Width
3 5/8”
Maximum Water Capacity
38.00 G
Minimum Water Capacity
31.00 G
Bathing Well Width
24 3/4”
Bathing Well Length
54 1/8”
Deep Sump Height
15 7/8”
Exact Height
21 1/2”
Exact Width
Exact Length
59 3/4”
Packaging Dimension
28.00 ft³
Approximative Weight
52.00 lb

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Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR) for bathtubs
The unique Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR) feature for bathtubs leaves a few inches of clearance between the product’s underside and flooring so pipes can be routed without breaking ground or relocating drain. Perfect for installation on concrete slab in renovation or new construction.

Options (order with product; most options are factory-installed)

Internet SKU: OPT10053
One chromatherapy light. (factory-installed)
Access panel not available when bathtub only equipped with chromatherapy.
MSRP* USD$ 406.00
Water heater assembly
Internet SKU: OPT10095
Water heater assembly for whirlpool and combined systems (factory installed)
MSRP* USD$ 574.00
Metal trim kit for whirlpool and combined systems
Internet SKU: OPT10106
Metal trim kit for whirlpool system (factory installed)
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* USD$ 359.00

Accessories (sold separately; can be ordered after product installation)

Foam cushion
Internet SKU: 10004306
White foam cushion with 2 suction pads (sold separately)
Available color: White (001)
MSRP* USD$ 74.00
Tile Adaptor (for door installation)
Internet SKU: 10024636
Tile Adaptor (for door installation)
Available colors: White (002), Bone (004) and Biscuit (007)
MSRP* USD$ 127.00
Metal trim kit for Whirlpool
Internet SKU: 10028641
Metal trim kit for Whirlpool and combined systems (sold separately)
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* USD$ 359.00
Waste and overflow
Internet SKU: 10022491
Cable-operated waste and overflow (16 in. to 22 in.) (sold separately)
Available colors: White (001), Bone (004), Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
MSRP* USD$ 149.00