2-Piece Freestanding Bathtubs

Our NEW 2-piece freestanding bathtubs offer ingenuity on all levels! With over 50 years’ experience, MAAX continues to offer modern freestanding bathtubs to fit your style, taste and budget.

Why Choose MAAX's 2-Piece Freestanding Bathtubs

View our Products from Every Angle!

Take full advantage of our new 3D model animation. It's easy to use by capturing the bathtub with your mouse (or drag your finger), allowing manipulation in a 360-degree motion. There is also a zoom feature to examine the tub from a closer view.


Oval with deck (available in 5832 and 6434)

Rounded rectangular

Double backrest

Oval with backrest

Proudly Made in USA and Canada
MAAX products are proudly made by a workforce of hundreds of hard-working Canadians and Americans in manufacturing plants across the continent. Our people are the fabric of our operations, and it is they who ensure that “Made in North America” represents much more than simple geography.
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