Can’t find the information you're looking for and need some help? Our FAQ page has answers to some of the most common questions we have received related to specific product lines, installation problems and general product inquiries.

For warranty questions, please refer to our Warranty Details page.
For product maintenance or cleaning, please refer to our Keep it Like New page.

General Inquiries

There are two ways to locate the nearest dealer that carries MAAX products; click on the “Where to Buy” link at the top of the page or, if you are on a product page, click on the “Where to Buy” button to find dealers who carry that specific product.
We do not sell directly to the public; however, we have many re-sellers across North America that carry the MAAX brand.
The warranty depends upon the category of your product (ex. shower, shower kit, door, bathtub, systems), please choose the appropriate category to see specific product warranties. Please refer to the Warranty details page for specific product warranty details.
You can find the serial number on the product packaging, the MAAX Installation Questions sheet inside the packaging, or on the MAAX logo label on the product itself.
Unfortunately, we absolutely require the serial number or receipt in order to validate the warranty of a product.
Acrylic offers many advantages over traditional materials such as porcelain and cast-iron, the most notable being that it is lightweight. This is most critical, in terms of installation and floor weight load, if your bathroom is not on a ground floor.

MAAX uses high-quality cast acrylic that is thick, strong and durable. Our high-quality cast acrylic has a soft, luxurious feel that is warm to the touch and retains heat, such as the heat of the bathwater. The integrated color pigment of acrylic means color won't fade and any minor scratches that come with normal use over time will be less apparent. Acrylic resists most cracks and chips, and any that do occur can be easily repaired.

Acrylic is non-corrosive and non-porous. It won't rust and is highly resistant to mold, mildew and staining from minerals in water, crayons and even permanent markers. This also makes it easy to clean with mild, non-abrasive cleaners including dishwashing soap.
Options, such as our whirlpool systems, must be factory-installed on your product. Accessories, such as trim kits and grab bars, come separately and may be ordered after the product has been installed. Accessories do not usually require professional installation.
AcrylX TM with ArmorCore TM is a patent-pending applied acrylic finish and powerful resin, that combined, deliver beautiful and robust bathware products. AcrylX TM has a bright and glossy white luster that offers durable protection and superior quality to products, and due to their ArmorCore TM composition, are tougher than standard gelcoat products. Products manufactured with AcrylX TM and ArmorCore TM are backed with a lifetime warranty for residential owners and 30 year commercial warranty.
The QSI program is a collection of code compliant and accessible showers and shower pans that are kept in stock and ready to ship within 72 hrs. These are standard white acrylic or AcrylX TM products that are compliant to commercial ADA, TAS & MN codes or accessible based on plumbing norms. Addition of accessories will not affect the 72 hrs time frame. To learn more about the QSI program, visit our QSI details page here.

General Inquiries - Installation

The gloss of the acrylic can sometimes affect adhesion, in such cases, we recommend lightly sanding the area to create a rough surface where the silicone will be applied.
We recommend acrylic latex caulking.

Bathtubs & Tub Showers

This is normal − the film is an illusion created by the bathtub surface curvature and the lighting in your bathroom.
This is normal − we use two types of products to make your bathtub, acrylic and fibreglass. These two products are both semi-opaque.
 No. Massage systems, such as air-massage jets and whirlpools, must be installed during the manufacturing process.

Bathtubs & Tub Showers Systems

Independant electrical circuits are recommended for each option, (ex. the pump, blower, water heater etc.). Installation should be done by a qualified electrician and must adhere to the regulations in your area.
This action is normal − the blower will run for approximately 30 seconds. This is the drying cycle process.
The display will light up once the jets are submerged at an appropriate water level. The iconNothing-on-keypad-spa-iconwill light up once this water level has been attained.
This indicates that the water level is not sufficient to execute the command. Increase the water level.
Press the blower icon to start. Press again, without releasing the icon, and the display will cycle through the speed options available: from SP6 (high speed) to SP1 (low speed) and PUL (massage). Afterwards it will go back to SP6. Release the icon at the desired speed.
It is impossible to adjust the water temperature from a keypad function. The water heater option is independent, it will help maintain a stable water temperature but it will not increase the water temperature.
Press the   icon to turn the lights on. Press again, without releasing the icon, and the display will go through the color options; release the icon at the desired color.

Shower Doors

No. Unlike acrylic walls, the thickness of tiled walls will vary and this will affect the type and size of door openings required.
You will save time, money and hassle if you select your shower door before starting any work on your tiled shower. With your door on-hand, it will be easy to ensure a proper fit in the opening before installing the tile. Waiting until after the tile has been installed may result in you having to purchase a custom-fitted door to match the opening.
Shower door prices will vary for several reasons; the most common being size, glass type/thickness and features. Generally, the thicker glass doors are more expensive than others. Certain features, such as adjustable hinges that compensate for non-plumb walls, will also increase the price.
In general, both are effective. Pivot doors require more door clearance space and are usually best for larger bathrooms. They also allow easier user accessibility to get in and out of the shower. However, despite improvements in their design, pivot doors do still allow some water to drip onto the bathroom floor when they are opened and closed. Sliding doors are ideal for bathrooms where space is limited. They also generally resist water spillage, but they do tend to have smaller openings.
Please follow the instructions found in the installation manual. Never apply caulking on the glass along the inside areas of the shower door, only apply on the outside of the door.
MAAX shower doors can be used in both heated and non-heated areas.
Some shower door models will have spec sheets; you will find them on the product page in the “Technical Specifications” section.
You can purchase glass-cleaning products anywhere. Please note that regular cleaning of glass panels with soap and water will prevent mineral deposits from accumulating and causing stains. Some MAAX glass shower doors feature our Lotus Glass hydrophobic protection that repels soap and water stains.
Lotus protection is a super-hydrophobic coating that is applied to the glass shower door. To ensure long-lasting Lotus protection, only use mild cleaning products on your shower door, and do not use abrasive tools or cleaning products on the glass. The best way to maximize your shower investment is to care for it regularly, making sure to dry the glass after each use will prolong the efficiency of the Lotus glass protection. MAAX shower door Lotus protection does not have a warranty protection.

Replacement Parts (Shower Door Parts)

You can now buy shower door replacement parts for MAAX shower doors online. Simply go to MAAX’s Replacement Parts site to purchase parts online. For all other replacement parts or if you cannot find the replacement part you need, send us a photo of your unit and the desired part using the Contact Us form. We will gladly find it for you and provide you details on how to complete your order for replacement parts. For general questions and support please call 1-877-438-6229 Monday – Friday 8am-5pm (EST).
MAAX warranties do not cover the labor cost for installation of any replacement parts. Please contact our technical support for more information.
An automated email will be sent to you with all of the necessary information if you have purchased your parts or replacement parts through our warranty department.

Showers & Bases

DO NOT REMOVE THE FOAM FROM THE BASE. Under no circumstances should the foam be removed from the base. The foam provides stability and support to the base.


Please consult the Where to Buy page or contact us directly for the nearest Utile dealer locations. Each dealer should have at least one Utile shower on display in their store.
MAAX does not provide direct shipping to customers. You will need to refer to our dealers to find a store nearest you that sells Utile.
Yes, Utile polymer panels are 100% waterproof. To ensure a watertight finish, during the installation of Utile, seal all joints with a clear silicone between the walls and the base to eliminate any risk of water infiltration.
Utile walls are made of polymer and reinforced layers to create solid, 100% waterproof one-piece panels that offer the texture of tile and grout lines, without the hassle and cleaning effort that is required for real tile.
No. Utile wall panels can be pierced to add faucets and accessories, but they cannot be cut to change the dimensions of the wall panels or cut to fit around a window.
Utile shower solutions are offered in three configurations, corner showers (2 walls - 1 side and 1 back wall), alcove showers (3 walls - 2 side walls and 1 back wall) and tub showers (3 walls - 2 side walls and 1 back wall). Multiple dimensions are available, although not all Utile patterns are available in all sizes. Please refer to our Utile configurator tool to create your custom solution.
- 48 in length x 32 in width x 80 in height
- 60 in length x 32 in width x 80 in height
- 48 in length x 36 in width x 80 in height
- 60 in length x 36 in width x 80 in height
- Tub showers are offered in 60 in length x 36 in width x 80 in height

Utile wall panels are produced in these dimensions only and are not available in custom sizes.
Our Classic and Designer Series offer you 12 stylish and trendy patterns. Classic Series - Metro Series (3 colors: Soft grey, Ash grey, Thunder grey), Origin Series (1 color: Greige), Stone Series (1 color: Sahara). Designer Series - Organik Series (3 colors: Clay, Permafrost, Loam), Marble Series (1 color: Carrara), Erosion Series (4 colors: Charcoal, Pebble Grey, Bora White, Taupe), Factory Rough Series (1 color: Vapor), Factory Sleek Series (1 color: Smoke), Funky Wallpaper Series (1 color: Vertigo), Hexa Wallpaper Series (2 colors: Shades, Waterfall), Squares Wallpaper Series (1 color: Interlink), Smooth Series (3 colors: Thunder Grey, Ash Grey, White).
No. The wall dimensions and installation mechanisms particular to each wall panel do not allow you to install side walls one to another.
The best way to find out about the latest compatible tub showers and shower doors for Utile is to use the Utile configurator to create your complete shower solution. Simply go here to create your custom Utile solution.
Please see complete Terms & Conditions details here.
Non-abrasive cleaning sprays or cream-based cleaning agents should be used to clean Utile with a chamois, soft cloth or sponge. Never use abrasive cleaning products, scrapers, metal brushes, cleaning erasers or anything that could scratch or dull the surface of the Utile panels. Also note that tile and grout cleaners are not recommended for use with Utile products and could damage your unit.

Utile Installation

Utile can be installed in just a few hours. Before using your new Utile shower or tub shower, allow for sufficient time to ensure silicone is dry, before showering, approximately 24-36 hrs.
Utile is a do-it-yourself project (it is recommended that two people help lift and manoeuvre the Utile panels) and does not require professional construction expertise to install. Note that MAAX strongly recommends that a plumber handle all plumbing connections. MAAX does not provide installation services. If you feel uncomfortable installing Utile yourself, it is recommended that you engage a local contractor or plumber to install Utile.
Utile is assembled with 1 back wall panel and 1 or 2 side wall panels combined to fit your desired shower or tub shower configuration. Build the configuration of your choice with one of the following combinations: a 2-wall corner shower (1 back wall + 1 side wall), a 3-wall alcove shower (1 back wall + 2 side walls) or a tub shower (1 back wall + 2 side walls). To complete your Utile shower solution, add a Utile-compatible shower base or bathtub, and a glass shower door for a perfect fit.
Tools/supplies required to install Utile include:
24" minimum level
Electric drill with 1/8” drill bit
Hole saw
Philips & Robertson screwdrivers
Utility knife
Measuring tape
18" (or longer) square
Pencil and safety equipment (boots, glasses and gloves)
Clear silicone
A box of #8 1 3/4” flathead screws
Wood shims
The Ulok system is designed to perfectly align the wall panels - simply align the panels, slip them together and lock into place. Consult the installation guide or the installation video for a step-by-step guide for Utile installation.


Try our step-by-step configuration tool to design your ModulR solution. With over 1,000 different configurations, our online design tool is the simplest way to create your custom ModulR bathroom solution. 
First, create your ModulR bathroom design for shower, bathtub or combo using our simple online bathroom-planning tool. Next, click the "Where to Buy" button to find the MAAX distributor nearest you. For MAAX Business partners, contact your local MAAX sales representative for pricing.
The MAAX ModulR product warranties are applicable on the individual components only (shower door, bathtub and shower base) and cannot be combined. ModulR bathtubs and shower bases have a twenty-five (25) year warranty and ModulR shower doors have a ten (10) year warranty.
The removable toe-kick allows easy access to the adjustable levelling legs and drain connection for an simple installation process. The toe-kick should be removed during tile installation, and can be adjusted vertically according to various tile thicknesses.
The ModulR Linear or Compact configurations offer you the most space-saving options to maximize square footage in urban spaces and smaller bathrooms.
Yes, the pivot ModulR shower doors can be reversed to create a right- or left-opening door.
The 2-in-1 designer handle combines the functionality of a door handle and towel hook. The unique and practical Designer handle is available as a separate accessory to replace the standard handle.
Although the two products look similar once they are installed, the ModulR base has a special moulded flange that is designed to create a watertight connection when used in a combo configuration.
Yes, although it is highly recommended that you use the online ModulR configuration tool to properly configure your ModulR product. The ModulR product line offers two bathtubs; the corner bathtub, used in Linear and Angular combo configurations, and the alcove bathtub, used with wet room and compact configurations.
The Angular and Linear combo configurations, as well as the corner or wall-mounted ModulR bathtubs, are designed to maximize the bathing well area and deliver a minimalist look; therefore, a flexible waste and overflow is included with the product to simplify the installation process. For the Wet room combo and the Compact combo configurations, which are offered in alcove installation only, the plumber can purchase a standard waste and overflow.
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