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Learn more about the inspiration that lies behind the trendy design of our new one-piece freestanding Collection bathtubs, and discover with which opera character you identify the most!
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Take full advantage of our new 3D model functionality by having fun playing with all of our one piece freestanding tubs. Grab the bathtub with your mouse (or drag your finger) and manipulate it 360 degrees in order to see it from the left, right or top. You can also zoom in to examinate it from a close-up perspective.





Accessible and Luxurious Freestanding Tubs with Designer Detailing

Get the elevated designer look you want, with intelligently designed features that enhance your lifestyle. Our Opera in my Bathtub collection embodies a variety of styles (traditional, transitional, modern) and sizes made for today's smaller bathrooms and ensuite bathroom needs. 

Deck space
Our one-piece models allow to choose from many different faucet styles and price points. The Oberto tub features an ample deck space for easy faucet installation. You can also decide to floor-mount your faucet or install it on the wall, for a clean look that will compliment your bathroom.
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Overflow metal trim
Match the finish of your bathtub overflow trim with your decor and faucets to ensure an harmonious look in your bathroom. Our metal trim are available in chrome, brushed nickel and dark bronze, so you can choose what best suits your palette.
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Unique hidden drain
Our new Joan and Villi freestanding models feature a unique hidden drain, with a white acrylic cover that allows for a sleek and minimalist look. The pop-up mechanism makes it easily removable, ensuring you'll have no difficulty cleaning your tub.
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Small outside but spacious inside
Our bathtub models can fit as comfortably into the corners or alcove sections of smaller bathroom as they do in those with open-floor plans. By minimizing the decking, we still give bathers the long, deep soaking well they desire.
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Within your reach
The freestanding tubs are becoming more and more popular: while making a strong design statement, they also are within everyone’s budget with a multitude of styles and of sizes available on the market. No need to sacrifice your bathroom's look just to avoid breaking the bank!
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Fast & easy installation
Save both money and time with our new models that are all compatible with our universal F2 drain. It eliminates the need for costly specialized waste and overflow drains and allows for a quick fitting without demolition or plumbing modifications.
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