Cozy up to winter

Not looking forward to the dreaded chills that inevitably come in the colder months? Fear not […]

Warming up your bathroom

Not looking forward to the dreaded chills that inevitably come during colder months? There are many features you can integrate into your bathroom to ensure comfort and coziness as you step out of your warm bathtub! Since the bathroom can feel cold during the winter, both literally and figuratively, let’s start with some solutions for actually warming up the space.

The top choice for bathroom warmers is, of course, radiant floor heating. Created by laying heated water tubes or electric coils underneath your floors, this produces heat that rises up from the floor and can actually help to heat the entire space. Installing floor heating is an involved renovation, so it is often included as part of a larger remodel.

A fireplace in the bathroom sounds excessive, but it is a very popular choice. While it clearly requires an extensive remodel, set all practicality aside and just picture yourself having a warm bath in front of a toasty fire; it doesn’t get much more luxurious than that! Because of the costs, a steam shower is a feature many people would also consider to be a luxury, but a important factor to consider is that many steam showers are proven to be excellent for water conservation and use much less water than a standard showerhead.


One luxurious feature that won’t break the bank is the heated towel warmer. Available options include freestanding models that plug into an outlet or units that are mounted to the wall and hardwired into your electrical system. While their purpose is largely to warm up your towel while you’re in the shower, heated towel warmers are not entirely frivolous: many of them offer the additional benefit of being energy-efficient room-heaters.

Shifting focus a bit, an important factor to evaluate when trying to warm up your surroundings is the window area – don't forget that the sun is a good source of warmth. Adding windows to your bathroom space, or even replacing heavy curtains with a privacy-maintaining translucent screen, will let the sun stream in and warm both you and the room. An even easier fix is to re-caulk around your windows to avoid letting any drafty air in.

Next, let’s talk about figuratively warming up your bathroom space with colors, decorations and accessories. You should certainly employ warm tones to cozy things up- combinations of yellow, red and orange tones are great for pulling of this effect. These tones will remind your bathroom guests of sunlight and heat, but they also have the benefit of making a large room seem smaller and cozier, which is exactly what you are going for.


Another great way to add warmth to your space is by using natural materials like wood, brass, soapstone, and copper for your sinks, countertops and more. These materials are comforting and inviting and, in several cases, have the added value of being imbued with heat retaining properties, which is an added benefit.

When it comes to accessories, some choose to bring antique items into the space to add a soothing personality to the surroundings. Candles can also add a naturally comforting light and ambiance. Also, one shouldn't overlook the easy solution of adding thick rugs in strategic areas like in front of the sink, toilet and shower. This small change can do wonders to help warm you during the cold winter months.