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Want a shower that’s built exactly the way you want it? Discover our customizable shower solutions and get your dream shower now.
Proudly Made in USA and Canada
MAAX products are proudly made by a workforce of hundreds of hard-working Canadians and Americans in manufacturing plants across the continent. Our people are the fabric of our operations, and it is they who ensure that “Made in North America” represents much more than simple geography.
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Prepare for a lifetime of independent living

Graceful comfort and peace of mind

Plan for tomorrow’s needs today with our accessible and easily adaptable GENERATION+ shower models. GENERATION+ products can be updated to meet your changing needs or come in factory-installed packages for simplified ordering.

  • Fully customizable products to suit your specific needs
  • Reinforced walls and storage options
  • Textured floors and low threshold entry
  • Multiple grab bar options


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Buy Replacement Parts Online

You can conveniently order the parts you need online through our Replacement Parts tool.