Sharing experiences since 1969

MAAX’s roots date back to 1969 when, as a then small entrepreneurial business in the Beauce region of Quebec, the company was founded to manufacture snowmobile components and swimming pools.

Over the years, our product portfolio evolved, diversified and grew... and MAAX ultimately emerged as a North American market leader in the bathware industry, in particular with these three main product lines: bathtubs, shower solutions and shower doors.

Throughout our history, MAAX has made design, comfort, quality, convenience, ease of doing business,  and – of course – customer service, our priorities. It's a strategy that's paid off.

Today, MAAX has over 1,300 employees, and our diversified customer base composed of distributors, specialized stores and retailers is constantly expanding. Our products are present in the bathrooms of thousands of homes in Canada and the United States. This is further proof that MAAX is playing an integral part in the lives of millions of people.

Here’s our story…

From humble beginnings come great things!


MAAX at a glance...

  • 2 research and development centres, located in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce and Lachine, Québec
  • 4 customer service centres in the US and Canada – Quebec, Minnesota, West Virginia and Washington.
  • 8 manufacturing facilities in North America
  • 80 patents
  • A network of hundreds of suppliers and partners
  • 5,000 points of sale
  • 1 million units/year
  • +25 million products sold to date
  • State-of-the-art robotics and digital technologies

Want to know more?

Read the press release that talks about MAAX's 50th anniversary and our big milestones throughout the years.